Virtus EC in Uppsala

Thank you to all participants in the Virtus event at the Arena Hotel!

It was a fantastic experience to gather so many passionate athletes from several countries under one roof. The energy and engagement were at their peak throughout the event. Whether you competed in track and field, gymnastics or other sports, you all showed proof of outstanding talent, dedication and sportsmanship.

Your performances were an inspiration to us all. Hopefully, you have also had the opportunity to forge new friendships and create memories for life. A big thank you is also directed to all officials, judges, sponsors and others who put in their hard work to make this event possible. Your efforts were invaluable.

The Virtus event was a reminder of the ability of sports to unite people across all borders. We hope that you all leave with a sense of pride, joy and motivation to continue developing in your respective sports.

Until then – keep warm, continue training hard and enjoy the community within the world of sports!