Availability at Arenahotellet

We want to offer comfortable and accessible accommodation for all our guests. On our lowest floor we offer 19 rooms designed to meet different types of physical needs. Each room has wide doors for easy access, custom bathrooms with extra space and are equipped to make your stay with us easier.

Rooms with Special Adaptations:

Wide doors: The doors to the accessible rooms are generous with a width of 90 cm to facilitate passage.

Adapted bathrooms: The bathroom doors are 85 cm wide and on the inside, you will find armrests for the toilet, a lower sink for ease of use and a shower chair for extra convenience.

Single room/Double room:

For guests who prefer single or double rooms, there are elevators available to take you to different floors. Our lifts have spacious doors that are 90 cm wide to suit all needs.

Rooms with single/double bed: The doors to the single and double rooms are 75 cm wide, which makes it easy to get in and out.

Adapted bathrooms: The bathroom doors are 65 cm wide.

Single room: 11sqm

Double room: 22sqm

Parking and entrance:

We strive to make it as easy as possible for our guests from the moment they arrive. We have four reserved parking spaces for the disabled, only 10 meters from the main entrance.

Automatic doors: Our main entrance has wide automatic doors that are 110 cm wide.

Lifts and corridors:

Our lifts are designed to be easily accessible, with generous doors that are 90cm wide. Floors 1,2 & 8 have corridors equipped with public toilets to facilitate disabled people.